Committee Meetings

All SysCon conference attendees are invited to join for review and planning of the Analytics & Risk Technical Committee activities in 2018-2019. Hosted by Desheng Dash Wu, ARTC Committee Chair, and James H. Lambert, F.ASCE.


The ARTC enables growth and understanding of theory and best practices in analytics and risk. Risk analytics in business intelligence represents data oriented techniques to supplement business systems for risk-based decision making. Risk performance analysis in manufacturing intelligence uses advanced data analytics, modeling, and simulation to produce a fundamental transformation to new product-based economics through internet-based service enterprises and demand-driven supply chains. Risk evaluation plays key roles in emerging areas such as biomanufacturing, nanotechnology, and energy. There is a dramatic increase in the use of predictive analytics in these and many other areas. The ARTC brings together scientists and engineers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and provides opportunities to discuss these open issues and advance the related interests of the IEEE Systems Council. This brief meeting will update you of upcoming meetings and put you on a path to leadership and success of the IEEE in the topic of analytics and risk.



The SESTC is a new technical committee initiated within the IEEE SMC Society for researchers, engineers and practitioners interested to promote social and economic security as a research domain. The SESTC supports organization of conferences, special sessions, journal special issues, learning materials, best practices, tutorials, sessions, webinars, and other educational resources. This new TC is involved in international standardization efforts and is a source of professional knowledge on state-of-the-art best practices and trends in social and economic security. The SESTC meeting at the 2018 SysCon promotes membership and growth of this specific TC and knowledgeable about this benefit of IEEE membership. This brief meeting is open to anyone interested in the SES research, development and applications. Members will be invited to participate in organizing events and to submit papers to selected publications. To join, please attend or otherwise contact Professor Dash Wu (chair) or Professor James H. Lambert (co-chair).